FAQs and OMGs

Q. What can I do to prepare for a great photoshoot?
A. Be prepared! I know, I know, this isn't Boy Scouts, but the advice is still good! Before your shoot, be sure to eat, use the restroom, and leave your sunglasses and purses in the car.

Q. You keep yelling, "FREEZE, DON'T MOVE!" Are you trying to impersonate a police officer?
A. No, you must have entered into a fantastic pose and I want to get it on camera :)

Q. How do I schedule a session with you?
A. Email me at bethreann@gmail.com

Q. What should I expect during my session?
A. We'll start out by getting all the paperwork and payment complete. Be sure to sign your contract and either mail it with your payment, or have it with you that day. Our session will last approximately 60 minutes and I'll pretty much follow you around while you act normal :) I will be crouching, kneeling, laying down, and getting all up in your face - just ignore me!

Q. I like free stuff, how can I get a free 8x10?
A. Send me proof that you said something awesome about Bethre Means Photography on your blog, Facebook, discussion boards, etc. and I will add a free 8x10 to your session! Yay!

Q. My child hates when I try to take his/her picture, are you sure you can get some good shots?
A. Yes! Having outdoor casual photography is much less intimidating than posed photos or going to a portrait studio. I encourage you to have fun with your children and just enjoy your family while I capture it on camera.

Q. Do you edit or retouch the photos?
A. YES! If you don't look good I don't look good!

OMG: I didn't even know you took that picture!
Me: I know! Those are the best!