About Me

As a digital artist with an eye for emotion, I strive to capture moments and connections that you might have never even known existed! I've had clients tell me they didn't know how lovingly their husband looked at their son, or how adoring a wife looked at her husband, or just how good someone looked who wasn't photogenic (for the record I think everyone is photogenic!)

I am curious, fragile, resilient, and unpredictable. I'm addicted to chapstick, I like to bake, my first record ever was Control by Janet Jackson, I make myself busy doing stupid things, I love mac 'n cheese, I’m vain but can happily go all day without looking in a mirror. I love to shop but hate spending money.

I'm a mother, wife, daughter, aunt, sister, friend, co-worker, artist, designer, photographer – but not always in that order. When I'm behind the camera, I am commited to getting shots that will take your breath away.